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Wherein I play and blog about every adventure game ever made (*) in chronological order (**).

Dates and ordering for these games are currently somewhat tentative.

William Crowther’s original version of Adventure (1975)
Crowther and Woods Adventure, 350 points (1977)
Zork, original mainframe version by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels and Dave Lebling (1977)
Mystery Mansion by Bill Wolpert (1978)
Stuga by Viggo Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson, Olle E Johansson (1978)
Acheton by Jon Thackray, David Seal, and Jonathan Partington (1978)
Adventureland by Scott Adams (1978)
Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Greg Hassett (1978)
Pirate Adventure by Scott Adams (1978)
Treasure Hunt by Lance Micklus (1978)
The House of Seven Gables by Greg Hassett (1978)
MUD1 by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle (1978)
Adventure II, by Peter Luckett and Jack Pike (1978)
Castle, by Peter Langston (1974)
King Tut’s Tomb, by Greg Hassett (1978)
Secret Mission by Scott Adams (1979)
Mines, by James L. Dean (1979)
Quest, by Roger Chaffee (1979)
Sorcerer’s Castle Adventure, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Voodoo Castle by Alexis Adams (1979)
–> Warp, by Rob Lucke and Bill Frolik (1979)
–> Philosopher’s Quest, by Peter Killworth and Jonathan Mestel (1979)
Eamon: Beginner’s Cave, by Donald Brown (1979)
Eamon: The Lair of the Minotaur, by Donald Brown (1979)
Devil’s Caverns, by C. W. Engel (1979)
Dog Star Adventure, by Lance Micklus (1979)
Enchanted Island, by Greg Hassett (1979)
HAUNT, by John Laird (1979)
Journey to Atlantis, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Mini-Adventure Sampler, by Scott Adams (1979)
The Count by Scott Adams (1979)
Strange Odyssey by Scott Adams (1979)
Mystery Fun House by Scott Adams (1979)
Pyramid of Doom by Alvin Files (1979)
Spelunker by Thomas R. Mimlitch (1979)
Haunted House (1979)

Rules: I do not necessarily need to play “to completion” although I will give every game a strong effort. I am allowed to use hints and walkthroughs as necessary, but only after significant personal attempt.

(*) Defining an “adventure game” is somewhat fuzzy. I am using lists from multiple websites and using my own judgment.

(**) I might start mixing in modern games, but I will be keeping alive a chronological sequence.

Posted May 31, 2011 by Jason Dyer

6 responses to “All the Adventures

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  4. Isn’t Langston’s Castle from 1974? In your Wander post, you say so…

    Apart of that, great project, I hope you’re not abandoning it. I’d love to play those games too, but as I never find the time, reading about someone playing them is really great — besides the historical value, of course.

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