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Wherein I play and blog about every adventure game ever made (*) in chronological order (**).

Dates and ordering for these games are currently somewhat tentative.

Game 1: William Crowther’s original version of Adventure (1975)
Game 2: Crowther and Woods Adventure, 350 points (1977)
Game 3: Zork, original mainframe version by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels and Dave Lebling (1977)
Game 4: Mystery Mansion by Bill Wolpert (1978)
Game 5: Stuga by Viggo Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson, Olle E Johansson (1978)
Game 6: Acheton by Jon Thackray, David Seal, and Jonathan Partington (1978)
Game 7: Adventureland by Scott Adams (1978)
–> Game 8: MUD1 by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle (1978)
Game 9: Pirate Adventure by Scott Adams (1978)
Game 10: The House of Seven Gables by Greg Hassett (1978)
Game 11: Adventure II, by Peter Luckett and Jack Pike (1978)
Game 12: Eamon: Beginner’s Cave, by Donald Brown (1979)
Game 13: Eamon: The Lair of the Minotaur, by Donald Brown (1979)
Game 14: Devil’s Caverns, by C. W. Engel (1979)
Game 15: Dog Star Adventure, by Lance Micklus (1979)
Game 16: Enchanted Island, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Game 17: HAUNT, by John Laird (1979)
Game 18: King Tut’s Tomb, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Game 19: Journey to Atlantis, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Game 20: Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Game 21: Mines, by James L. Dean (1979)
Game 22: Mini-Adventure Sampler, by Scott Adams (1979)
Game 23: Quest, by Roger Chaffee (1979)
Game 24: Secret Mission by Scott Adams (1979)
Game 25: Sorcerer’s Castle Adventure, by Greg Hassett (1979)
Game 26: Space I, by Steven W. Pederson and Sherwin A. Steffin (1979)
Game 27: Space II, by David G. Mullich, Steven W. Pederson, and Sherwin A. Steffin (1979)
Game 28: Warp, by Rob Lucke and Bill Frolik (1979)
Game 29: Brand X, by Peter Killworth and Jonathan Mestel (1979)
Game 30: Spelunker (1979)
Game 31: Haunted House (1979)

Rules: I do not necessarily need to play “to completion” although I will give every game a strong effort. I am allowed to use hints and walkthroughs as necessary, but only after significant personal attempt.

(*) Defining an “adventure game” is somewhat fuzzy. I am using lists from multiple websites and using my own judgment.

(**) I might start mixing in modern games, but I will be keeping alive a chronological sequence.

Posted May 31, 2011 by Jason Dyer

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